JUICE JAM World map

Juice Jam is a popular free-to-play match 3 game (available for download on iOS and Android).

The main character Kiwi, together with her sidekick Mango

travel around the world in their truck selling juice!


The path on the map is where the level nodes are placed, and the characters animate in the game.

Here are images of my process from early sketch to final color

The map below is based on the White Cliffs of Dover in England:


This map is based on the Caribbean Shores:

For this map, we based it on London, and I put a version of Sherlock Holmes and Watson at the top.


This map is based on the SF Museum of Modern Art.

In Game Background

Here are some of the in-game backgrounds that I created for the game. In the game screen, these backgrounds are behind the customers that request juice. Juice Jam’s simple graphic shapes and illustrative style were really fun to work in! I really enjoyed playing with the compositions and lighting.


Map’s Icon

These are the world map icons that are in the Map Overview tab in Juice Jam. Simplifying the maps as an icon was challenging but very fun!