Iso builder Collapse puzzle game

Here are examples of artwork I created for a 2.5D isometric collapse builder game that soft launched. On this game, I worked on game pieces, boosters, purchase coin art, theming, character design, asset design, character UV mapping, and material call outs for 3D.

Game Piece Concept


Game Piece and Booster

Coin Pack

This was a game screen for AB testing themes for the game. Final art was a teamwork effort between Mary Shu, Lam Giang, and myself. We worked in collaboration and painted and designed the scene together!


Character Design - Margaret, the restaurant owner

The character Margaret was supposed to be a woman around 40-50 years of age. She worked very hard in her younger years, and is now ready to retire to live the life she always wanted. She is fashionable and classy.


Orthographic sheet for Margaret:


The team chose this outfit, so I played with some color concepts.

Stove and Counter Design

From left to right are Elegant style, Modern style, and Rustic style. The styles couldn’t be too different, so that players can mix and match from each style.

Elegant style concept

Elegant Style Material Call Out for 3D

Rustic Style concept + color.

Rustic Style Material Call Out for 3D

Modern Style Material Call Out for 3D